Hello! I'm glad you're here. 


Are we new to each other? Sometimes when I meet a new person, I will ask about their birth date. I do some quick sorting in my brain, guess their sign and we talk about traits of the sign. It should go without saying, reactions are mixed. Some people are into it. They will drop bits of information breadcrumb style leading me to discover they are a Taurus on the cusp of a particular house. I almost feel empowered by their self-knowledge. Other folks are skeptical and taken aback. Some even seem a little derailed because it is contradictory to their personal beliefs or feelings. Still, others are unphased or unaware and leave me to my deductions. No matter the reaction, I almost always long to explain my reasoning for making such a note of connecting people to their birth dates. I do not feel dogmatic about astrology. I realize the science isn’t there. In fact, there is evidence to show we have been calculating our sun signs wrong because the constellations are not in the same place anymore. There is also a call to add a new sign to the astrological calendar. I stress that astrology is not a reliable science, but I find astrological signs to be a useful tool in my tackle box. It's not for everyone, naturally.  

So, after I convincingly assure new friends that I'm not nutty or dogmatic about astrology, I will ask one follow-up question, do you know your moon sign? The responses are also mixed. I explain that, in theory, a person can have two signs, a sun sign, and a moon sign. The sun sign is the sign everyone knows about and it’s the sun's position according to certain constellations at the time and date of your birth. A person's moon sign reflects the moon's position according to certain constellations at the same time and date. I like to say because if you have a day, you have a night. Or, even deeper, if you have a conscious you have a subconscious. Sometimes, if the room is right, I will look up a friend's moon sign on my phone and we will relate and identify the traits described. I am such an ENFP-T. 

In the early 1900’s, this lady and her daughter were very keen on personality types and developed a reliable indicator of a person's traits. It has evolved over the years and is called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (take it here).  Maybe you've taken it. There are 16 possible personality results and they are indicated using an acronym like the one I used, ENFP-T. The five aspects are Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics, and Identity. The first aspect, Mind, can score a letter E for extroverted or an I for introverted. The aspect Energy will either show an N for intuitive or S for observant. The next aspect, Nature, will show either a T for thinking or an F for feeling. The Tactics aspect will show a letter J or P for judging or prospecting, respectively. And the final aspect is added to the acronym with a hyphen and will be the letter A for assertive or T for turbulent. Still with me? There are layers to this shit. Out of the possible 16 personalities, there are four categories each with four personality profiles and they are analysts, diplomats, sentinels, and explorers. My ENFP-T personality, the campaigner, falls into the diplomat category. The test is free and the website says it because their organization believes individuals should have access to evaluate and reevaluate their strengths and weaknesses. This is the same idea I apply to astrological signs. I used to serially date a psychology doctoral student and he used to repeat, "if you can name it, you can tame it." I was recently reminded of a similar phase repeated by Mr. Fred Rogers that goes, if it is mentionable, it is manageable. I feel there is great power in identifying, defining and redefining tendencies, traits, issues, fears, joys and dreams first individually and then globally.  There are tons of good ways to assess and reassess one’s own strengths and weaknesses and, I feel, having a well-rounded and continuously evaluative perspective can propel understanding and well-being.

So, I ask people about their birth date and they tell me their sign and I have a language to relate and connect. I really want you, YOU, to feel my support. Life is hard and short and wonderful and long, but I believe that everything is connected. There is evidence to suggest that sharing stories with each other made us the species we are today. We long to understand and learn more about ourselves and the universe around us. I want to create a space that is open and healing and free and I hope that we can see each other in our stories.

Just to reiterate, astrology describes Libra and Capricorn and is not a reliable science. It should not be confused with astronomy, a hard science like chemistry and physics. Katharine Cook Briggs was a teacher and used psychology, a softer science, and research for their personality indicator.  


I feel I am best when I am sharing and connecting with folks. I am deeply empathic and I love solving problems. I give meaning to everything and I feel this makes me a great listener. I look for all the details and I organize the connections in my mind, in my brain, and in my spirit. It is my favorite thing to do. I am a storyteller. I love to learn and share experiences and insights. I long to relate. I live for creativity, passion, and adventure. All I require is freedom.  

At my worst, I can feel so in tune to a situation that I am actually missing every cue imaginable and a simple thing becomes complicated. I care more about freedom than stability and I have been content making the best of poor judgments because of novelty. I over think to a crippling degree. Or I can be a people-pleaser. Sometimes my passion and energy are misinterpreted as leadership. I am easily distracted and easily distracted - I mean, stressed. The weight of leadership keeps me from pursuing new ideas and new frontiers and I feel trapped or bored.

Traditionally, a whitesmith is someone who works with light metals like tin or only finishes black metals. I have always said that fire is my element (I am a Sagittarius, but maybe not because the signs are wrong). I think fire is meditative and super transformative. I feel kin to it. Also, my name is Smith. I like to think I forge, polish, and smith stories, jokes, herbs, and other materials to spread joy and light and healing transformation. I feel very called to talk about certain struggles and passions in my life and I invite you to laugh along with me.



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